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SUBJECT Game Trend reading from G-Star 2011 DATE 2011-11-17

One of the most famous game show in the world, G-Star 2011 was hosted in Busan, Korea, from 10th to 13th of Nov. A lot of major game publishers and developers have participated in this game show, and million of visitors have stopped by and have seen what the newest trends of game markets are. The G-Star 2011 this time attracted attention of many related stakeholders and third parties from many other nations as well. We would like to introduce how it went, and what kinds of publishers and developers brought up with their newest product.
Neowiz Games showed off the newest hardcore military shooting game, ‘Dizzel’, and two new MMORPG games, ‘Bless’ and ‘Ein’.
Nexon launched a huge booth , advertised their newest online RPG, Mabinogi2.
There were also promotion booth for NC Soft’s newest games, Guild Wars 2 and Lineage Eternal.
This year, Blizzard showed off Starcraft2, Diablo3, and newest version of Warcraft.Many other publishers such as M Game, Com2us, SEGA, Wemade, Ongame, NHN, CJ E&M and etc. have also participated.
G-Star 2011 provided not only the new arrival games, but also promotion of universities and colleges related to game and e-sports markets. They showed off their academic achievement  and research result, and attracted especially high school students.  Also, there were various experience zones such as, 4D virtual reality experience zone, console and arcade game experience zones.
  This year, approximately 290 thousands of visitors have participated in this event, and around 6800 cases of business counseling have been collected with active operation of B2B booths.
  As Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) signed MOU with the hosts of GAMESCOM and Tokyo Game Show here, there will be possible cooperation expected with other international game shows in the future, and will lead the G-Star as an global game show with more influence and public confidence.
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