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SUBJECT Revitalizing e-sports industry with LOL DATE 2012-02-22

E-sports game industry in Korea has turned around again and is rising now despite the downtime of e-sports industry. League of Legend, one of the biggest hit game titles both in Korea and all over the world, will be released soon in the regular game league.
Riot Games Korea promoting “League of Legend” to be the main title of e-sports announced that the regular league of “League of Legend” will be held on On-gamenet TV in March. Both Korea and overseas market faced with downtime of e-sports are now looking forward to the launch. Game officials have been expecting that “League of Legend” in 2000s will revitalize e-sports industry as “Starcraft” did in 90s.
We’ve visited Riot Games Korea to check the ongoing projects and the organizations of “League of Legend”.

Riot Games Korea, established in 2011, is made up of 30 members with the CEO, Jinho Lee. Riot Games Korea and has quickly become a leading global developer and publisher, successfully launching their debut title, League of Legends last December in Korea. 

▲Starting the regular league of LOL in March
Riot Games Korea has always been making relentless efforts and moved the business forward quickly as domestic service of “League of Legend” started within 3 months after the launch of Korea and new launch of e-sports league would only take three months to hold. 
The most remarkable business of Riot Games is of course e-sports business. They have been broadcasting ”LOL Night Show” and “LOL Invitational” on On-gamenet TV since January of this year.
Jinho Oh, CEO of Riot Games Korea, announced that those games would be relatively high-quality and our users, a domestic branch and company officials would be very satisfied with that.
There will be another big event with the game show on the air. In early March of this year, the fall league of “League of Legend” will be held with the prize of 2 hundred million won. This league will be held quarterly and the semi-finals will be carried live on TV during prime time.
The launch of regular league has caught the attention of many, users and game officials expecting revitalization of e-sports.
Jinho Oh, CEO of Riot Games Korea, said “It is rewarding to launch the league itself.  I hope every league goes well and users enjoy the game.”

▲PC room business, the secret to the success
Both their own business and organizational structures differentiate Riot Games from other game company; First, they have been pushing ahead with both businesses focused on PC Room and e-sports to expand game industry. Second, Organizational structure is also different.
Riot Games Korea consists of three departments; game operation, marketing communication, strategic planning. Game operation team is in charge of customer support, translation, engineers. Marketing communication team is promoting e-sports and PC room businesses. And strategic planning team takes responsibility of whole company, HR and financial affairs and so on….
This strategic structure is one of the successful reasons for the fast-growing company and PC room business has an important note in the Korean market. 
We could easily find lots of users playing “League of Legend” in Korean PC room these days. One of company officials said “Franchising League of Legend Premium PC rooms would help lay the groundwork for the huge success of game.”
In some ways, It is also reported that it would be nominal; relatively low profits compared with the number of concurrent users and subscribers of “League of Legend”.
Riot Games Korea officials said “our company puts the priority on not profits but joy for users. 

▲User-oriented management
It is impossible that paid items of “League of Legend” could have an influence on deciding the outcome of game. The game would be designed for users without paid items to enjoy the game and only a few items like skins or champions could be chosen selectively to pay.
Jinho Oh, CEO said “Providing joy for users is significant to us, not profit itself” and “Our company game developers made differs from others”
Riot Games headquarter said “consumer satisfaction is much more important than profits in Korea”
With the support of US headquarter, Riot Games Korea will keep on running user oriented business.
Jinho Oh, CEO said we are so sorry for not answering every questions occasionally, we are stepping forward with better performance step by step by hiring more operating team members soon to figure out all problems.

▲ What is “League of Legend”?
“League of Legend” is a big hit title with over 32 million subscribers all over the world and concurrency totaling over 1.3 million players. “League of Legend” is a kind of “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” genre, focused on strategies against the rival team to win the battle, mixed well with role-playing and strategic factors.
The biggest appeal is various and balanced champions. Users can choose their champions considering races, character, skill, gender on their taste among over 80.
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