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SUBJECT A Game obtained the position as the Art in United States DATE 2011-06-17

Can a game be considered as the art? To this question, United States currently answers, “Yes.” Currently, National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) in US decided to classify the video games as a type of the arts from 2012, and to fiscally support the relative projects.
  NEA is one of independent institutions of US state government, which gives financial support to the art works by using governmental capital, and also subsidizes $ 200,000 as maximum to the nonprofit artists or groups.
  On May, NEA announced the newly classified items of the arts which will be applied from 2012. Radio and TV arts have been classified into Media arts including movie, satellite broadcasting, internet and etc. Besides, NEA has newly added archives, tales, theater, exhibition, performance art, interactive game and etc as the art.
  So now, game developers have also earned opportunities to obtain the governmental subsidies. Merely, the priority of game development is obviously making money, and since then, the game developers cannot submit the application for the subsidy which is provided only for nonprofit purpose.
  Therefore, the parties from the game market in US takes the significance rather as refreshing social awareness of games than taking practical support. Of course, if some amateur developers disclose their games and never take any profit, it would not be that hopeless to seize the subsidy from NEA. Perhaps in US, like painters or performance artists on the street, we may be able to see a game developer who makes games with pure spirit of the art in the future.

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