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SUBJECT Next-Generation Portable Console of ‘Sony’ DATE 2011-07-14

? Sony showed up at E3 with ‘Play Station Vita’. With 5-inch screen, it transmits HD level of image and embedded all kinds of necessary devices such as front touch screen, rear touch pad, acceleration sensor, gravity sensor, vibration motor, camera, speaker and etc. It allows more realistic gaming to operate game by shaking or touching the screen instead of operating the controller.
  With the word, ‘Vita’, meaning ‘life’ in Latin, ‘Play Station Vita’ contains the mission to transit all the dimensions in users’ lives, not only for games, to one entertainment experience. Also, with installation of ‘G sensor’ just as smart phones, it is expected to show up strong points on racing games.
  Also, Sony has made through going preparations for game line-up of ‘Play Station Vita’, and it is more than 30 kinds and still has al chance to expand the line-up. ‘Play Station Vita’ supports the interface with ‘Play Station Suite’ which is Sony’s game support application for Android. So, it is also expected to have high level of utilization.
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