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SUBJECT MS showed up more advanced evolution of ‘Kinect’ DATE 2011-07-14

Microsoft nominated the Kinect on the front line at the E3 2011. There was just certain extent of introduction conducted at the E3 last year, but it is insomuch to say “Xbox360 = Kinect” at this year’s E3.
  Cliff Bleszinski, the producer of ‘Gears of War 3’ from Epic Games, said, “I like Kinect so much. Couldn’t apply it to Gears of War 3 due to the lack of time, I would love to make it for real good if I make a Kinect game.” Likewise, the reason why game developers are willing to develop new Kinect games is that it allows the various new ideas, and these developers have started distributing revised version of these new ideas to Xbox Live for free. This is what we see as ‘Kinect Fun Labs’.
  Steve Anthony Ballmer, the CEO of MS, used the Avatar characters appeared in the presentation at the CEO 2011. ‘Avatar Kinect’ which will be published on this July was used to operate this presentation. ‘Avatar Kinect’ scans the user, and them, recommends the most similarly described character. Then, the user can change the character as one wished. Even using ‘Kinect Me’, it allows the avatar with more specifically scanned cloths and face definition.
  The gadgets of ‘Kinect Fun Labs’ seem not to stop evolving for more fun. Many game developers inspired by this project are planning to develop applications in these games, and have lines to willingly disclose how to realize these applications.
  In addition, as ensuring the interlocking between Windows 8 and Kinect, it is expected that the infinite potential for the future of Kinect is quite settled. Unimaginable results are coming up with the evolution of Kinect, and it seems like we have peeped the small part of the future for a little while at E3 2011 Conference.
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