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SUBJECT [Vietnam Report] VEC – The Most Professional eSport Tournament in Vietnam DATE 2013-04-04

Focus on Strengths
VEC, which stands for the Vietnam eSport Championship, has certainly made itself known in the four years since 2008. Aiming at organizing the largest-scale tournament in Southeast Asia, VTC Game made use of all of their human resources and previous experience in organizing for the VEC 2012.

Poster of VEC Tournament 2012
Along with two other mainstreams in game, VEC 2012, on the basis of VTC Game’s understanding about taste and community, consists of seven competitive titles: FIFA Online 2, Crossfire, Space Cowboy Online, Age of Empires, DotA, and the newest, World of Tanks, which has been released for more than five months.

The Basis of Arbitration and Community
A training plan for arbitration has been set in order to prepare for the tournament. With two experts from the International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) and the Korean e-Sports Association (KeSPA), masters from VIRESA have employed more than 100 participants who have had significant contributions to national eSport tournaments. Forty referees, who met the requirements for the tournament, were finally selected through the training course.

National referee training course
Simultaneously, VEC 2012 was seen as the first tournament that the issue of health care and fitness for participants was addressed. In the final round, apart from being subsidized for T-shirts and living costs, taking the health check was compulsory for each eSport competitor. In so doing, the participants could have their own health guides during the competition, which they seemed quite impressed about.

Success in both scale and internationality
With more than ten thousand registrations and more than three thousand official participants, VEC 2012 took place at an arena with 200 modern computers and live streaming systems in order to serve thousands of domestic viewers. The success of the tournament is apparent when examining these figures.

VEC 2012 has been successful
In order to fulfill their mission, the VEC 2012 became the bridge that connected the most worldwide prestigious eSport competition–World Cyber Game (WCG) 2012.
The winners in the WCG qualifying round in Vietnam had to take play-off matches against the champions of VEC 2012 in order to select the team to compete in the WCG Finals held in China.
That could have been a second chance for those who desired to compete in the international round, as the qualifying round for WCG in Vietnam was held in only two days, whereas the VEC 2012 was held over eight months.

A glorious return
As a result of VTC Game’s efforts and the expectation of millions of eSport followers, two Vietnamese national teams have won the most glorious ever achievements in the history of Vietnamese eSports. The World of Tanks team, Anubis Empire, reached the semi-final round and was deeply impressed by the organizers as well as the audience. Moreover, Freedom, the Crossfire team, won runner-up and a prize of $10,000.

Crossfire team Freedom returning home gloriously.
Apart from WCG 2012, VTC Game also took the responsibility to take other teams to compete in One Asia Cup 2012 (OAC) and Game and Game World Championship (GNGWC) 2012. In OAC, the national Fifa Online 2 teams not only successful in defending the championship but also had an absolutely victorious tournament with three of the highest ranks in OAC 2012.

For Space Cowboy Online competition, three members of the Vietnamese national team who had advanced from VEC 2012 also achieved the runner-up title and a $3,000 awards.
Overwhelmingly, VTC Game has shown their capability in the orientation, organization and raising of homegrown talent which are seen as the most crucial issues in any sport, particularly eSports.
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