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SUBJECT [Turkey Report] April’s Turkish e-Sports Highlight DATE 2013-04-16

League Of Legends

Go4LoL Turkey 14-15-16-17 were held
The Turkey division of Go4LoL, very popular online weekly tournament series in Europa and America, is at full steam. With is prizes, including plenty of Riot Points and 450 Turkish Liras as cash, the tournament witnessed tough rivalry. Teams were awarded with Riot Points and money. After the tournament that will be held between 8 teams, which gained the most points in March, 1100 Turkish Liras will be given out.

Riot Games Spring Season Tournament
Spring season tournament of Riot Games started on March 9, 2013. Grand Final will be on April 27-28 and among 8 teams, which will succeed in their local finals and online tournaments. The prizes will be 200.000 Riot Points and 27.500 Turkish Liras as cash.

SteelSeries League of Legends Tournament
On Sunday, March 17, the winner HWA team were awarded 7240 Riot points and prizes from SteelSeries during the tournament which was held in the popular tournament venue, Gameekstra.

Counter Strike
11th Conventional SilverSoldiers CS 1.6 Tournament
The last leg of the Counter Strike prize tournament, a conventional tournament of Gameextra, was held on March 10, 2013. The winner team was Team of Revolutions and they were awarded prizes from SteelSeries.
15th Conventional 4Fun CS Tournament
The last leg of the Counter Strike tournament, which is a conventional tournament of Gameextra and appeals to little teams, was held on March 31, 2013. The winner team was '3Harfli'.
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