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SUBJECT [Korea Report] Tekken League is back to Korea DATE 2013-04-16

Tekken league which disappeared in Korea with the end of’s “Tekken Busters” is rising from the ashes as the name of “Tekken Strike” featured by

Tekken Strike which will be operated with Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be running until April 2014 for 4 seasons. Also, at the end of the 4 seasons, Grand final will be held with the best players for the year competing each other.

Especially, as distinguished from other Tekken leagues in the past, local preliminary tours are planned for players resident in local area. Thus, it is expected to be positioned as whole new concept of Tekken league.

The old fashioned Tekken leagues hosted by MBC Game and were operated as 3:3 team matches. However, since Tekken Strike is planned to be operated with 1:1 individual matches, it is expected to provide distinguished entertainment to the e-sports fans.

Tekken Strike Season 1 is planned to be on-air from May 11th, and is receiving applications at website ( and via e-mails ( until April 17th.

For more details, it may be referred to website.
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