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SUBJECT [Russia Report] TECHLABS CUP RU 2013 DATE 2013-04-16

TECHLABS CUP – is one of the biggest e-sport events in countries of CIS. Traditionally, this festival takes place in four countries: in Russia, in Belorussia, in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan. Moscow is the first city among these actions, the place for the RU-part of the festival. This is the fifth year TECHLABS has taken place.

There are many participants in e-sports in Russia, along with several important e-sport events that take place in Moscow. For this event alone, over 25000 lovers of videogames, overclocking competitions and radio-controlled cars came to Moscow.

The organizers chose the main hall of the one of the largest Moscow retail parks for this venue. During the rest of the year, there is a skating rink there. However, just for this event the ice was melted away, and 3 grandiose stages were placed there with several foot-bridges, stairs, chairs and platforms for viewers.

Two of these stages were for e-sport disciplines and the third one was for an overclocking competition. Much of the event was broadcast to the Internet from each stage. The guests saw exiting show-matches of famous sportsmen, displaying of the games on big screen, and also the professional speeches from experts in cyber-culture.

The Moscow final interested an incredible quantity of viewers – thousands came, including many children. Even the organizers didn’t expect the same influx of visitors.  Thousands of people all around the world were watching the live stream-broadcast, which was organized on popular game web-sites not only in Russia and in countries of the CIS, but also in Germany, France,  Sweden and other countries. More than 1 000 000 fans were watching the online broadcast of the competitions.

This year the main games in competition were CS:GO, Dota2, World of Tanks, StarCraft II and a new game with fast growing popularity - Shadow Company. Many famous teams like NiP, ESC-Gaming,, NaVi, Empire, THE RED, RoX.KIS took participated in the final competitions. And there were more than 3000 players in the qualifying round..

The members of the teams communicate with viewers with pleasure. And several teams were so popular that fans didn`t give them time to pass, with crowds of people followed them, taking photographs of these cult figures, asking them to give autographs.

On the over-clocking stage showcase, the best masters of nitrogen, analyzer and other devices proved that the computers were be able to work better and faster than anybody could imagine.

Besides the usual videogame disciplines and overclocking competition, for viewers of the festival there was a championship for radio-controlled cars organized. For this competition, organizers used cars Mini-Z, and the competition was held on a specially appointed road. Everybody could try to win the prize.

Traditionally one of the brightest components of the festival was the exhibition of IT-brands. During this festival, the viewers could acquaint with technological news and visited the stands of partners of this event, where they got the opportunity not only to test the newest games and devices, but to win unforgettable prizes. Everybody could take part in these interesting and exiting contests.

Official videos from the TECHLABS CUP RU are available at:

The Festival in Moscow is over, but the next championship, TECHLABS CUP, will be soon. It will take part 18 May in Minsk. After it, TEСHLABS CUP will be on 27 September in Kiev, and on 23 November in Almaty. This year there was planned the fifth concluding event - TECHLABS CUP Grand final, which will assemble the winners of fourth national stage.
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