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SUBJECT [Serbia Report] ASUS Gaming Challenge Belgrade DATE 2013-08-06

It went on from 7th to 9th of June, and with a lot of participants, both domestic and foreign, some even from the top of the gaming scene, and with biggest prize pool ever for a LAN event in Serbia, this tournament was nothing short of spectacular. Apart from gaming events, visitors could see a lot of other activities from the sphere of IT, like overclocking event and many others. E-Frag organization was covering entire event with live reports from the spot, interviews, pictures and 2 live streams for all gaming events, even establishing one stream in English because the demand for it was high as the Dota 2 tournament progressed. Our casters, photographers, and reporters did good job at making sure all of those , who couldn’t come and witness this great LAN event live, not miss a thing. Day one started a bit later then announced due to some minor technical difficulties and teams setting up, but the wait wasn’t long and Dota 2 tournament, as well as Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, could begin. Another success of this LAN event was the participation of, one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world, and also it was the first participation of a team of such caliber in any Serbian LAN event so far. Being absolute favorites for the tournament they finished the group stage with ease. Other teams played very well, and we saw a lot of interesting Dota 2 action, some games even being on a very high level and lasting up to 70 and more minutes. Just like Dota 2, PES 2013 tournament was going well, with some of the largest player count in any PES tournament in the region. At the end of the day we got our participants in knockout stage for Dota 2 tournament, which would continue the following day. Day two started right on schedule and the action got underway with Dota 2 quarter finals. were still being undefeated and secured their spot in the grand finals with dominant performances. As the tournament was reaching its end, more and more people arrived both on streams, and live in front of the stage, where 4 big TV’s were placed to create a spectator area, which was very crowded. Finally in the end, 2 awesome grand final games between the best Serbian team and one of the best teams in the world, went the way of Fnatic with the result 2-0. It was a great beginning for their bootcamp in Belgrade, as they were handed 1st place awards from the tournament sponsors. were simply not up to the task, but performed very well and gave every Serbian Dota fan a team they can now cheer for in European Dota scene. Apart from gaming events, overclocking event took place on day two, which sparked interest from all technology fans which were visiting Asus Gaming Challenge. The event was also very successful , since we got couple of World Records broken! The whole event is complemented with numerous promotions and contests of the sponsor, so that visitors could try out the latest Razer products, enjoy a fantastic ride and competing in Grid2 or reveal exciting adventure Skylanders. The event was accompanied by the announcement of the preorder Diablo 3 that will soon be able to play on consoles. Final Day of the Asus Gaming Challenge featured World of Tanks tournament as well as the conclusion of PES 2013, and also one very interesting event called Free For All tournament. In it, anyone could compete for free in games Counter Strike 1.6, Quake 3 and Trackmania Nations. Top 5 players from each game received great rewards. After every event finally ended, there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that this was truly one of the greatest LAN events in Serbia, and people are very excited at the prospect of having more and more similar events, and finally developing Serbian gaming scene.
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