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SUBJECT DOTA 2 Match against South Africa DATE 2014-10-25

The Namibian Electronic Sports Association (NESA) proudly announces the first national team in Namibian e-Sports, the Desert Sidewinders. This Defence of the Ancients 2 (DotA2) team has their very first international test match coming up this weekend against the South African Proteas. The gaming communities of NESA and Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) eagerly await this exciting competition.

The match will take place on Saturday, 25 October 2014, starting at 15:00 (GMT+2). The best out of two games will be played online to determine the victors of this match. The games can be spectated through DotATV (ingame) by adding the casters on Steam – MiSeRy and DeMoNiKZA. The match will also be streamed on Twitch: If you can't watch the games this weekend, they will be uploaded on DeMoNiK's YouTube channel:

NESA would like to wish our team all the best of luck!

Johann ‘diStort’ Otto (Captain)

Tristan ‘KaMi’ Meyer (Player)

Armand ‘ArriE’ Jordaan (Player)

Daniel “Siku” Jansen (Player)

Mauro “PoRRa07” Teles (Player)

Morné “Pa1e” Wessels (Substitute)

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