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SUBJECT IeSF, Partnership with World Mobile Games DATE 2016-08-04

The International e-Sports Federation (IeSF), who pursues global standardization for e-Sports, will make its first step to lead future e-Sports.

As first initiative, IeSF made partnership with World Mobile Games (WMG) for global mobile e-Sports broadcasting platform on July 28th.

WMG TV developed by WMG is a mobile application that enables gamers to play and stream mobile games simultaneously without PC or Camera. This is one of the popular technologies nowadays as known as Multi-Channel Network (MCN).

Moreover, WMG is planning to add social live streaming and live mobile game streaming. Also, they are planning to let this technology to be used in Mobile e-Sports in the future.

IeSF President, Mr. Byung Hun Jun said “So far, IeSF has researched and studied on future e-Sports. IeSF has kept interest in mobile e-Sports and IeSF saw possibility on mobile e-Sports market as mobile e-Sports platform emerged. Mobile e-Sports will be a good tool for IeSF as IeSF is pushing e-Sports for all. Starting with mobile e-Sports, IeSF will make a rough sketch of new-generation or future e-Sports.”

IeSF’s such steps appear that IeSF will provide ecosystem in e-Sports market in the future by developed e-Sports model together with next IT technology related platforms.
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